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7 Ways to Create Multiple Income Streams as a Web Designer

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0:13 7 ways to create multiple income streams as a web designer
0:40 Search engine optimization (SEO)
1:27 Social media marketing
1:53 Content writing
2:34 Ongoing support & development
3:45 Offer your own web hosting
4:29 WordPress themes & customization
5:17 A few more tips before you start

No matter where you are on your journey, web design is an exciting (and lucrative) career choice, but drumming up web design business can be a challenge. It’s often irregular; meaning you may get a lot of work requests all at once and go long periods with few or no new clients.

Web designers hang out at the intersection of creativity and commerce. They combine their creative knowledge and technical expertise to build websites and web pages that are functional and aesthetically pleasing for visitors and help businesses reach their goals.

For this reason alone establishing multiple streams of income is a great idea. Ensuring that even when new clients are scarce, you’re not worried about cash flow. As a web designer, you’re in luck! There are a number of revenue-generating services that your existing clients desperately need.

Now let’s dive into learning more about how you can create multiple income streams to supplement a successful web design business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO and marketing aren’t their areas of expertise — that’s why they need you. Going into too much detail will only complicate an already complex subject. However, don’t keep your methods a mystery either, give a straightforward overview of what kind of approach you plan to take as well as milestones the client can expect.

If you aren’t confident in your own grasp of SEO, brush up with courses online. You could spend an eternity pouring over free articles and resources across the web

Social media marketing
Whether it’s scheduling social posts and responding to comments or segmenting audiences and designing targeted ads, social media marketing is a great tool to expand your multiple income streams.

Content writing
For a lot of new businesses or start-ups, they may not know how to open up their business to the online world. Do both yourself and the client a favor — offer content writing as an add-on service to web design. You might not be an expert wordsmith, but anything is better than the dreaded paragraphs of lorem ipsum.

Ongoing support & development
Monthly maintenance packages (aka “website care plans”) are popular with small businesses, while conversion optimization appeals to clients with larger budgets. After all, you should already know how they think and what their needs are, so transitioning to a retainer model should be simpler.

Offer your own web hosting
Your clients will see your business as their single point of contact, but you’ll have a dedicated team backing you. It’s good for you because it creates a sustainable source of recurring revenue. It’s good for your clients because you’ll serve as their one-stop service provider.

You’ll also have more control over your client’s website setup and back-end server configuration.

WordPress themes & customization
Offering ready-made website templates at a lower price point than custom web design will allow you to earn the business of audiences on a tight budget.

Your strategy might not even be to make money on the templates themselves. Just getting your foot in the door and establishing a relationship with new clients is worth offering less expensive services.

Web design is a highly competitive and crowded field. You need to be both talented and good at marketing yourself if you want to succeed and make a good living from it. However, there’s no need to limit yourself to only traditional web design work.

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