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So Your Website Is Not The Lead Generation Tool You Thought It Would Be!

Well, you're not alone, the majority of business owners we spoke to confirmed a few things we suspected; Many Business Owners Like youself;

  • Are disappointed and frustrated with the amount of leads being generated from their websites.
  • Desperately need help to increase the number of leads acquired for their businesses.
  • Lack the data they need in order to implement marketing campaigns to attract more leads for their businesses.

Want to know how we are able to solve these three issues for business owners?

From our analysis of many web designs, we've discovered that many business websites are simply not optimized to deliver leads in the quantity expected by business owners.
In fact, the lack of basic conversion optimization on some web designs contributed to lost leads and ultimately lost revenue to business owners like you.
Unfortunately, many business owners are completely unaware that their website is lacking the components required to capture leads.

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Is Your Lead Generation Website Driving Away Prospects?

As you think about your own website ask yourself these two questions

"Could my website be costing me leads, potential customers and revenue?"
"how do I go about fixing the issues causing my website to lose leads?"
To answer the first question; the most effective way to have piece of mind about lost leads is by measuring the traffic going to your website and analyzing what visitors are doing once they land on your site.
The answer to your second question will only be known from the actions carried out to answer the first question.

Measuring and analyzing your traffic will show what areas of your website is leaking leads, once you know this information measures can be put in place to prevent leakage in the future.

The actions required to address both questions are best left to people who have experience in website analytics and conversion optimization techniques and are able to turn a leaky website into a valuable business asset.

Business owners like you are just too busy getting on with business and don't have time to spear and, in a lot of cases don't have the  experience,  to undertake these tasks. We at BeaconSites will undertake these tasks for you; we will set up analytics on your website and analyse your data; we will tell you what the data suggest is lacking on your site and also tell you what changes should be applied to your site to turn it into a fully functioning lead generating asset.

Now is the time to take action before you lose even more leads and more revenue!

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Looking To Invest In A Website To Generate Leads For Your Business?

Then you should consider this; the difference between a well optimized lead generating website and a website not optimized at all could be as many as 50, 100, 200 or more visitors per day

How would you feel if you saw 350 or 700 or 1400 or more potential customers by-passing your business each and every week?

The website you invest your money and your time in must be optimized to convert visitors into leads. Our lead generating website with a Dynamic Conversion Engine will deliver leads to your business around the clock. Once you have leads you have potential customers and with it the opportunity to grow your business.

If you buy a website that is not conversion focused and does not provide valuable data about your website visitors you will not have the required information needed to plan your marketing efforts in the most effective way in order to attract more leads and increase revenue for your business.
So don't waste your money and your time on just any website; invest your valuable resources in a marketing tool that will provide data for you to make informed decisions about your marketing efforts to turn leads into paying customers.

Now is the time, take action and invest in the right tool for more leads and more revenue!

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At BeaconSites we have a mission

"To help business owners generate more leads, convert more prospects and make more sales for their businesses"

To help us complete our mission we plan an implement each project in stages

The first stage we will look at your lead generation website and ensure it is optimized to capture as many leads as possible. The website will be configure with website analytics to track visitor behavior and provide the basis for future marketing efforts.
The second stage is where we setup your marketing funnels and lead nurturing sequence via your email marketing services and your CRM so that over time prospects are converted into paying customers.
During stage three we make a start on the marketing campaigns using several marketing channels, all the traffic from the marketing campaigns will be fed through to your marketing funnels.

For stage four we analyze the success or failure of each marketing campaign, successfull campaigns are tweaked and scaled up, failed campaigns are dropped and if necessary new campaigns started and the success/failure analysis repeated.

We believe an investment in a business website should result in leads and revenue for the business. When a website fails to produce a return on investment then its time to reconsider its value to the business and take appropriate action to turn it around.

If You Want To See Your Business Grow Through;

  • More Leads
  • More Conversion
  • More Customers
  • More Sales
  • More Profit

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